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Measurement Standards

MID Infrared Transmittance Standard

Mono Instrument Services provides calibrated secondary standards for the verification of the transmittance scale in the MID-IR. The typical spectra shown below shows that there are 7 transmittance points over a relatively wide wavelength representation.

NRC in Canada, NPL in the UK and NIST in the US have completed a comparison of this material that yielded excellent agreement within the stated uncertainty of measurement for each institute.

The material is available mounted in a blackened holder with a calibration certificate. The values are traceable to the National Research Council's Institute of National Measurement Standards.

Secondary calibrations are performed at Mono Instrument Services facility on a Perkin Elmer 983 Infrared Spectrophotometer. Methodology of measurement is similar to that used at NRC.

  • Purchase the MID IR Transmittance standard for your laboratory's calibration schedule.
  • Have your standard re-calibrated at a suitable interval by Mono.
  • Have Mono perform the verification of your transmittance scale on and annual basis or after every service call.

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